Natural Pollen Substitute Diet for Bees

Feedbee® is the first pollen substitute diet for bees which contains only plant materials. It does not contain any animal source products, pollen, soy, artificially produced materials. Its usage does not affect the value of honey. Several experiments proved that Feedbee® is as nutritious as pollen and the bees consume it for the same extent. From all points of view it meets the nutrient needs of honey bees. Bee colonies fed with Feedbee® develop better, they are more healthy and they produce significantly more honey.

First in Europe the Hungarian Research Institute For Animal Breeding and Nutrition Department of Bee-Breeding and Bee-Biology is making comprehensive research and testing on Feedbee®. According to the results of the experiment made in the spring of 2008, the bee colonies fed with Feedbee® exceeded with 65% the breeding, with 38% the population and the bee queen’s daily egg laying potential with 44% the results of the control families.
Scientific Test Results of Feedbee® the Pollen Substitute Diet for Bees in Hungary

Feedbee® is not only a product, it is a huge leap forward in the field of bee science which helps the improvement of apiculture, strengthen agriculture and helps to get back the green life on Earth.
Hungarian Beekeepers’ Experiences with Feedbee - download in PDF format.
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